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Cross-border Shared Integrated Alternative Tourism




Motivate synergy


  • Creativity in proposing new tourism ideas
  • Synergy in the provision of tourism and accompanying services in one offer
  • Join vision of investors for mountain and lake tourism to transfer tourists whole year

We focus our cooperation towards the Pogradec Town and Krushevo Town. The focus is on 2 different regions because are geographically close, similar in cultural heritage, and both are trying to develop tourism. By connecting Ohrid Lake and Pelagonia Valley, the regions of Pogradec and Krushevo are live museums of known traditional architecture.



Auleda agency for local development from Vlore is a partner of the Cross-order shared integrated tourism Project. We work on activities on both sides of the state border, equally.



Alternative tourism development in cooperation with Municipality of Krushevo

The Municipality of Krushevo and Municipality of Pogradec support greatly the transnational integrated product. All enterprises with their support invest efforts in interests in accommodation, gastronomy, handcrafting and arts, to develop new form of touristic offers for relaxing of worldwide tourist.


Encouraging synergy of people, is our motivation with:

- Giving integrated services in tourism, accommodation, sightseeing, and visiting souvenirs

- Giving integrated offers in the alternative tourism

- Transfer of tourist from Pogradec to Krushevo

- Join offers in summer and winter vacation



1. Assessment of tourist capacities in the region and possibilities for cooperation

2. Each person can participate in internship and cooperation in tourism abroad

3. Learning of culture, food , language, handcrafts

4. Training on management, marketing tools, promotion, mediation in private business and planning of tourism activities

5. Creation of joint business offers, mountain-lake with cross-border synergy of sport, relax, outdoor, ethno walk, good food, accommodation and entertainment

6. Cross-border tourism catalogue with offer of tours for winter and summer seasons to keep tourists whole year

7. Regional Fair in Alternative tourism for next tourism season


Added value



Read more about tradition and tourism



For orientation in the Town, see the REZERVIRAJ.COM







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